Episode 275: Why You Can't Wait For The Spirit To Move You

Season #6

Parade of Techniques:

  1. Variety is the spice of life. But spice only adds flavor not substance. The real substance is consistency.
  2. Time to call your Platinums! Here is one piece of advice for those of you taking this suggestion seriously...


Ask the Experts:

  1. I’ve been hearing that my competitors are doing this one-stop shopping thing, meaning they’re offering to clean up their seller’s house for them. Not just clean it out — get rid of their furniture, get rid of their stuff, take it down to the floorboards… I mean just like literally steam clean, top to bottom… How do I compete against that? Cause I’m not willing to do that?
  2. Here’s my number one challenge… My problem is I got stinking thinking. I just can’t get myself going! I mean I was prospecting, and working really hard, and I worked on my database. I got a lot done but I pretty slow start to the year and now I’m feeling like, “Oh, I’m so far behind.”. I don’t have any energy.