Episode 280: Making Calls that Make a Difference

Season #6

Making calls that make a difference by increasing your effectiveness - AND - How to call people you don’t want to call - AND - How to really connect with non-referred leads to get a response - AND - How to protect yourself from the latest real estate scam

Parade of Techniques:

1. So we know there are scammers out there. Right? We’ve all heard about scams in real estate. Well, there’s a new one happening. So heads up, everyone! Be aware of this.
2. I’m looking it up, a list of people that I’m supposed to call in the coming months. And there are a couple of names that jumped out of me and these are people I really don’t want to talk to, for whatever reason. But at the end of the day, and I’ll tell you what, I’m going to make one more call and it’s going to be that person that I really don’t want to talk to anyway. But I’m going to call them. Guess what? They said, “Come on over and list our house!”

Ask the Experts:

1. How do I become more effective at conversations?
2. We got two kinds of leads — referred leads and others. Sometimes they fall into your lap and sometimes were buying them, either paying for them upfront or paying a referral fee at closing. These are non-referral leads. How do I get them to respond?