Episode 282: How To Show Buyers Why Their Offers Lose

Season #6

How to show your buyers why their offers are not winning the sale - AND - How to make the most of a wedding expo as a vendor - AND - How to multiply the results of an open house - AND - How to make a lasting impression on moving day

Parade of Techniques:

1. What do you give someone who’s moving this weekend and the temperature you know is 104 degrees? What do you bring them? What do you give them as a client gift? How do you make moving day more comfortable for them?
2. If I had the inventory, I would hold an open house every week. So, since I don’t have all that much inventory, here’s what I did in advance of my open house — I mailed 200 letters to the 200 neighbors around the open house.

Ask the Experts:

1. My number one goal is to sell two houses. I’ve got two sets of buyers. Both of them are willing to make offers. One has made 3 offers, the other has made 4 offers. None of their offers have been accepted. I’ve written 7 offers for two buyers and they’re not getting accepted because they’re not listening to me. What do I do with these people?
2. So my number one goal is to make a $595.00 decision. I’ve just been through a whirlwind with a family wedding. And as a result of being added, I got invited to be an exhibitor at a wedding expo. It’s going to cost $595.00. Should I do this? And if I do, what’s your advice?