Episode 283: How to Get Control of Out of Control Debt

Season #6

How to dispute appraisals without comps - How to stay safe in a showing - How to find listing leads without paying upfront - and How to get control of out-of-control debt

Parade of Techniques:

1. There are agents who are inactive or retiring… Maybe not so much formally leaving the business but they just sort of dropped it and tried doing other things and would gladly give you their leads for a twenty-five percent referral fee. How you can tap into this lead source!

2. A safety tip from Mary. Sometimes meeting in a public place does not work out. Everybody is using Forewarn - an alternative!

Ask the Experts:

1. I got a listing. It’s a condo listing in a 55+ community. I’m having a problem defending my price. I finally got a buyer at asking price but he’s questioning the price. What can I do?

2. If you happen to be in a crush, like financially, maybe you overextended yourself when the market was hot and you need to get yourself into control of your finances. Here are our best tips for staying on budget and regaining control of your finances.