Episode 286: How to Break the Cycle of Losing Multiple Offer Negotiations

Season #6

Parade of Techniques:

1. So what has been the most enduring marketing tool that so many of our people use that is on multiple refrigerators all over America?
2. Do you ever have trouble getting a door opened? You have the key, the key is on the door, it’s not opening. Maybe there is salt, condensation, maybe the lock is old. How would you like to solve that every single time for the rest of your career?

Ask the Experts:

1. I am writing an offer today, I have an Ask the Experts question. Because, the last five (5) offers I have written, all have lost to multiple other offers. All five of my buyers have stopped looking. This is a new buyer. We’re writing. It’s a new listing. Just before the week ends, is there anything I can do to make sure this offer has a fighting chance?
2. I listed a dump. I mean it’s the worse house I’ve ever been to. There’s a hole in the roof. I mean, it’s a dump. There’s nobody that lived in it for several years. I went over there to look at it. I brought my spouse along for protection. And he said, “Are you kidding me?”. There’s animal feces, it’s bad. The court had it appraised for $60,000. And they require that we sell it for at least $48,000. So what do I do?