Episode 287: Opportunity Thinking Rather Than the Sky is Falling

Season #6

Parade of Techniques:

1. You know how you’re supposed to work out? We’ve got someone who’s moving his body, for 45 minutes every single day on the treadmill. So, that takes time away from real estate!

2. According to T3 Sixty, “A decoupling of a buyer-broker presentation from listing-broker compensation, to some degree, will most likely occur sooner rather than later.”

Ask the Experts:

1. My number one goal is to have those kinds of numbers that you just reported… I went from twelve pending transactions down to zero. I’m making my calls but it’s like the whole business just… stopped. So what do I do?

2. What’s the other big issue these days? Remember when the pandemic hit and we’re all talking about becoming a virtual or remote agent? Well, what about AI?