Episode 294: What to Do When You’re Listing is Getting ZERO Showings

Season #6

Parade of Techniques:

1. We’ve been told that one number taken out of context really doesn’t mean anything. It’s only when you put it into context that it really does mean something. A startling fact about buying leads.
2. Here’s how to handle an email or text that makes you mad.

Ask the Experts:

1. I listed a for sale by owner. And here’s what happened, it sold in the first four days. It was listed at 395K. It sold at 399K. Then the inspection came, and the buyer backed out. So I resisted it, put it back in the market, and the seller instead that it go back in the market at 399K! So what happened in the last week since it went back on the market? Absolutely nothing! No showings, no offers, and the other three offers, none of them are interested in coming back so it’s very unusual in my market to have crickets — no showings, no offers. What do I do?
2. I changed offices because I was working in an environment where I was the "Help Desk". How to undo being the go-to "Help Desk" person in your office?