Episode 295: How to Handle Those Ideal Clients Who Want to Look Before They List

Season #6

Parade of Techniques:

1. How to beat the competition with listing photo expertise.
2. How to beat the competition with REDatum.

Ask the Experts:

1. We have a student who sold a 550K property and that’s significantly higher than the average sale price in her area. The banker is in charge. She’s representing the buyer and the buyer is engaged in this contract but all along, the banker has not been at a hearing on any of the dates in the contract. So there’s an expiration date, deadline dates, and the banker’s ignoring! How do I handle non-commissioned people who have control over your transaction but not the same urgency I do?
2. My number one goal is to get some great clients! The best ones to have want to sell AND want to buy. However, my number one challenge is I keep running into this, “I want to look before I list”. And they’re adamant about it. They want to buy before they even list! If you could give me a piece of advice on how to handle these people, what would it be?