Episode 296: How to Handle the Threat of a Lawsuit Just Before Closing

Season #6

Parade of Techniques:

1. A POT from a “Get By Giving” Award Winner who is very active in both his local board and in the national association. In this episode, Mike & Mary share the efforts of NAR to get Fannie and Freddie to finance buyer commissions.
2. We have an agent who recommended to the seller that they have an estate sale. Here’s how to capitalize on an estate sale with an open house.

Ask the Experts:

1. My number one goal is to get paid and help my buyer buy the right house. They’ve seen something they like. It’s being offered through the MLS for a $1 co-broke commission. How do I get paid?
2. My number one goal is to get back up on the horse but I am discouraged. I’m angry. I’m afraid and the reason is, I just got hit this past week with the threat of a lawsuit. It’s the second time in 30 years, and the second time this year, and here’s this seller who’s agreed in writing to pay me a particular commission and right before the closing says, “Well, I’m not paying that. I’ll only pay this.” I just can’t get over it!