Episode 300: How to Stay Focused and Intentional When Getting Restarted

Season #6

Parade of Techniques:

1. What if you could invest $200 and 2 hours of time and add 50 conversations, ask for business, and add 50 people to your database? Here’s how to add 50 new friends to your Book of Business in just two hours.
2. How would you like to get in front of an audience of potential listing leads?

Ask the Experts:

1. Pretty new to the business, listed two lots, was a mom and a daughter, and it’s the first time that I’ve been threatened with a lawsuit! The daughter is not even on the title but she said, ”If you don’t cancel this listing, we’re going to sue you! You pressured my mother. I’m going to tell everybody that you are abusing the elders…”. What do I do?
2. If you’re just getting started, welcome to the business! But if you’re getting restarted, then you’re going to be familiar with this syndrome, it’s almost like an existential dilemma. “I finally decided that I want to continue to work in real estate. How do I stay focused and intentional when getting restarted?