Episode 304: How to Deal with Fallthroughs

Season #6

Parade of Techniques:

  1. We’re in an uncertain market. The market has become conditioned, one of our students said, to new thinking. Buyers know, there’s low inventory and they have been watching for your house to hit the market.
  2. Here’s a prospecting technique from someone who calls their prospecting their “If you, would you?” time.


Ask the Experts:

  1. This is one of those that every single one of us can relate to. Because we all experience fallthroughs. Things you counted on, but then, they didn’t happen. We have a student who had three this past week. “I went to my office meeting and what did we talk about? The stupid lawsuit. I mean, it’s tough to keep your attitude up. I’ve got to change it up. What do I do to get out of the slump I’m in?”.
  2. I’m sick of fallthroughs. It’s insane! Just sick of it! How do I make it stop?