Episode 308: How to Keep Your Momentum After the Holidays

Season #6

Parade of Techniques:

1. I plan to renew my subscription to the county foreclosure list because I them as the perfect people to prospect.
2. "Sometimes it can be a drag to call my sphere, have to call again, have to say, “Who do you know who…”. I just have not been motivated to do it." Here’s what one of our students decided to do!

Ask the Experts:

1. I had a really good year and then, Thanksgiving! And Business Breakthrough!  What I want to do is keep my momentum going and make sure I go into January with momentum! But, my number one challenge is it’s the holiday season.
2. I have a listing. It’s not submitted yet but it is completely signed, and the people are getting a divorce and I’ve known them forever. My kids and their kids liked each other. I’m heartbroken that they are getting a divorce. But the wife has already moved out, she signed a one-year lease for an apartment, and the husband is in the house. It was supposed to go in the market last week but this week, they asked me to wait. So what do I do?