Episode 310: How to Get Back on Track After the First of the Year

Season #7

Parade of Techniques:

1. Do you know how there are some states where if you declare or apply for homestead, your property taxes are less? But you have to apply or declare. Here’s a POT from one of our students about homestead exemptions.
2. Mary has received a video from one of our students explaining earnest money and it was over the top good! Here are two POTs from Mary’s student!

Ask the Experts:

1. It’s about a listing that’s about to expire, and my number one goal is I want to price it so it does not expire. This is a manufactured home in a normal neighborhood. How do I price this so it does not expire?
2. How many of you would say you’ve had a pretty tough year? How do you get back on track after the first of the year?