Episode 327: How to Battle Burnout

Season #7

Parade or Techniques:

1. POT from one of Mary’s students who listed a property for $6,000,000!

a. What if you actually cared? How would you behave and how often would you stay in touch?

b. Don’t assume because somebody bought a year ago that they’re not ready to sell.

2. POTs from Mike and Mary about marketing your business by collaborating with another local business.

Ask the Experts:

1. We’ve got someone who has doubled down on calling Expireds. This week, she was following up with an Expired that she had an appointment with. It seemed like it went really well. She called back and the guy said, “Sorry but we have already decided that we are working with another agent because her mom and dad are buyers.” What should this agent have said?

2. I’m battling burnout. What does a day off look like for you?