Episode 329: What to Look for When Deciding on a Brokerage

Season #7

Parade of Techniques:

1. How do you get an REO listing?

2. What are the benefits of sly-dialing?

Ask the Experts:

1. I didn’t give all that much thought to the company I was affiliated with when I first got licensed. I’m still there, and I’m not very comfortable with their business model. I’m going to go interview with some other brokers because I want to change. What do I look for in a new company?

2. We have someone who had a listing, accepted it, and offered it for $8,000 more than the full price. The $8,000 goes toward the buyer’s closing costs. After the inspection, we need a new roof, we have crooked switch plates, and we have a long list of repairs! The seller was aware of the roof and was willing to put one on. But it’s the rest of the stuff, and the buyer is asking for an exorbitant amount of money to cover all the rest of the stuff. So, what do I do?