Episode 333: How to Activate Interest Your Listings

Season #7

Parade of Techniques:

1. The word of the day is perspective. A POT from Mike about a free app called Mortgage News Daily, which gives you rates and mortgage news.

2. We have a guy who has gotten eight of his last eight listing appointments; he has walked away with a listing! One little tiny adjustment: when he gets a listing lead, he has been attempting to meet with them the same day—tto do the appointment on the same day that he discovers the lead.

Ask the experts:

1. I’m freaking out! My number one goal is to stop freaking out. Over what? There is a lot of new inventory because there are pockets of boom and bust! I work on this market; two miles away, there’s cricket! What do I do to activate interest in my listings in this market where there’s cricket and lots of inventory, even though, two miles ago, it was BOOM TOWN?

2. We have a student who has this listing in Mobile, Alabama. This is a Mardi Gras house. It is a BnB. It is a house that is for sale, but it also has a business. It generates about $60,000 a year in gross income and has been on the market for three months. The listing agent told them to start at $540,000, but they wanted to start at $560,000. They did. They are down to $550,000. She has done some great stuff. Still, it has been on the market for three months. “What do I do? ”