Episode 334: How To Get 100 Listings Between Now And The End Of The Year

Season #7

In this episode of M W/ M&M (by the way, Happy Anniversary Mike & Mary)

1. How to get a FSBO’s attention with the sharp angle question… If you knew you would net more money in your pocket hiring me than by doing it yourself, would you consider letting me handle things for you? And then follow up with a system of mailings

2. How to generate inquiries with marketing stickers, and a very novel place to put them


1. How to handle a team member who makes appointments and wants you to cover them for her? Learn the dialogue, don’t let the tail wag the dog, sell her on being good and getting trained and have her shadow you first

2. How to get 100 listings between now and the end of the year?
What a great goal! Don’t forget your SMART Week, your Vision Board, your Income to Activity Converter, and your Reverse Thermometer.