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R1 Coaching is a new one-on-one program that is open to all real estate sales or management professionals.

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Who you are:

  • I am building a team
  • I strongly desire a better work/life balance 
  • I want to be more effective at managing my agents or team members
  • I'm concerned with building or rebuilding value in my business
  • I am looking to hire, train, manage, and compensate an admin assistant
  • I'm searching for a retirement plan... an exit strategy!
  • I am committed to mastering and practicing sales dialogue
  • I am dedicated and eager to hit my income and production goals


If any of the above describe where you are in your business right now, R1 One-to-One Coaching was created for you.

We will customize your coaching experience to the style and methodology most comfortable for you.


One-On-One Clients Include...

The fastest growing one-on-one coaching program in our company's history.


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  • One-On-One Support
  • Plus R Squared Membership
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Meet Your Coach / Mike Pallin

Mike's life mission is to serve salespeople through Floyd Wickman's teachings. He runs The Floyd Wickman Team as President, he teaches the Floyd Wickman Program, recruits and develops the trainers, runs the annual Master Sales Society events, and directs our coaching programs. He lives in Stillwater, Minnesota in the summer and Naples, Florida in the winter.