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R1 Coaching is a new one-on-one program that is open to all real estate sales agents, managers, brokers, owners, or management professionals. 


What's the next level for your business?


Who you are:

  • I am building a team
  • I strongly desire a better work/life balance 
  • I want to be more effective at managing my agents or team members
  • I'm concerned with building or rebuilding value in my business
  • I am looking to hire, train, manage, and compensate an admin assistant
  • I'm comfortable investing in a coach at my current production level
  • I'm searching for a retirement plan... an exit strategy!
  • I am committed to mastering and practicing sales dialogue
  • I am dedicated and eager to hit my income and production goals


If any of the above describe where you are in your business right now, R1 One-to-One Coaching was created for you.

Individual support to help you find balance, overcome overwhelm, and continue expanding your business at a high level.


One-on-one clients include...

The three responsibilities of a good coach:


🌟 Individualization

The #1 responsibility of a good coach is to listen to the individual.

Ask the questions and be attentive. Take good notes. Be open to hearing anything.

And then customize and adapt. One size doesn’t fit all. One size fits only one size.


🌟 Insight

Insight begins with feedback on performance. Analyze the numbers, the trends, and the ratios.

Use the insight to direct activity and course correct. Remember the ‘crow’s nest perspective.’ We can see both what is happening on deck (the immediate) and the horizon (the ultimate destination)

Connect the dots and then be a sounding board.


🌟 Inspiration

The final responsibility of a good coach is to inspire and avoid discouraging. Measuring progress motivates, and causes accountability to evolve into personal responsibility and ownership of the results.

Coaching is more than cheerleading. It is, at its best, educating and leading.

R1 is the fastest-growing one-on-one coaching program in our company's history.


What's included:

  • Weekly, scheduled one-on-one session
  • A membership in R Squared Coaching ($165/mo. value) and online Resource Center
  • A subscription to the Master Sales Society Vault ($17.75/mo. value)
  • Consultation on-demand
  • Personalized and customized advice with a collaborative approach
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Mike Pallin

Mike's life mission is to serve salespeople through Floyd Wickman's teachings. He runs The Floyd Wickman Team as President, teaches the Floyd Wickman Program, recruits and develops the trainers, runs the annual Master Sales Society events, and directs our coaching programs.


Mary Pallin

Mary is a Master Trainer, Platinum Circle Member, and 14x “Trainer of the Year” Award Winner. For Mary, there is no greater satisfaction than making a difference.  She knows every dialogue and keeps her selling skills current. Just as Floyd did for her, she changes lives and gets results far beyond the classroom.

Meet Sheldon Spiegel

Sheldon Spiegel is a Master Trainer, Platinum Circle Member, and 11x “Trainer of the Year” Award Winner. As a long-term Master Trainer, Sheldon Spiegel exemplifies professionalism. With experience coaching a variety of individuals, his style is direct, effective, and no-nonsense. 

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2. Book a free consultation call with Mike or Mary to discuss if this program is right for you.


“If you want something you've never had
You must be willing to do something you've never done.” 

Thomas Jefferson

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