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Floyd has been honored by National Association of REALTORS® and REALTOR Magazine® as one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Real Estate. Inman News named him as one of the top coaches in North America. 

Floyd is proud to turn the leadership of the Floyd Wickman Team over to Mike Pallin who has for decades proven to be all that he could hope for in a successor.

Hire Floyd to speak at your next event! To book speaking engagements with Floyd for 2020, please contact him directly via his email below, or us at [email protected]

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Mike Pallin has been a student, a soldier, a singer-songwriter, a salesperson, a sales trainer, recruiter, creative director and is now President of the Floyd Wickman Team.

Floyd selected Mike as the first trainer to teach the famous Floyd Wickman Course (Sweathogs). He was among the first group of Floyd Wickman Trainers to earn the Master Trainer designation.

He then became Creative Director, and together Mike and Floyd have created training programs with more than a quarter of a million successful graduates: including Sweathogs For Life, Head Hogs, Rapid Fire Recruiting, Selling Skills, Master SalesTrack, Master Sales Academy, Alumni Club, the Floyd Wickman School of Speaking and Training, the all-new Floyd Wickman (S.M.A.R.T.) Program and the Master Sales Society R Squared program.

Currently Mike runs The Floyd Wickman Team as President, he teaches the Floyd Wickman Program, recruits and develops the trainers, runs the annual Master Sales Society events, and directs the R-Squared program.

He lives in Stillwater, Minnesota, enjoys golf, walking and music. He and his sons, Derek and Tim, perform in a Beatles tribute band that has won international competitions.

“My purpose is to preserve Floyd Wickman’s legacy and promote his teachings. Next to family and God, working with Floyd is the greatest joy in my life.”

Connect with Mike: [email protected] | (734) 637-4030 | LinkedIn | Facebook


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Master Trainer, Platinum Circle Member,  9x “Trainer of the Year” Award Winner.

As a long-term Master Trainer, Sheldon Spiegel exemplifies professionalism.  After 20 years in the communication and broadcast industries, Sheldon joined the ranks of professional sales speaker in 1989 and has since spoken to more than 2,500 audiences and trained more than 12,000 sales professionals throughout the years.

With a passion for excellence, a direct, no-nonsense delivery style and a commitment to clients, Sheldon has made his mark on thousands of lives and careers.

Connect with Sheldon:  [email protected] |  800-910-5351 ext 811 | LinkedIn | Facebook

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Master Trainer, Platinum Circle Member, 11x “Trainer of the Year” Award Winner.

Everything changed when I met Floyd Wickman in 1981. I went from a non-producing agent to a production leader.  I learned to control my time, my relationships, and my life. I became successful.

After nine years in the trenches of Real Estate, I joined Floyd Wickman’s team to “give back” what I was so grateful to have received. Since then, I’ve trained over 15,000 students, many of whom were “stuck” or failing when we met – and my greatest satisfaction has been to watch them hit their goals. Today, many are top producers or managers in Real Estate. Many are better parents, better spouses, and happier people because I was able to bring the Wickman philosophies into their lives. I am blessed to have a career built upon “making a difference” and I cannot imagine another way to have impacted so many people and families.

Every classroom day, I get hugs and love for “making them” do what they have to do to get business. My clients invite me back over and over – because of the changes in their agents, and the profit they reap from increased production. I’ve done 13, 14, and 15 programs for some of my largest clients over the years. This program doesn’t COST money, it MAKES money – for the agents, for the Clients. I always deliver what I promise. The “new” program is tighter and smarter than the “old Sweathogs” program ever was. We help our agents build listing inventory. We teach them how to think the way successful people think – and the results go way beyond just six weeks. We change lives, and there is no greater job in the world than being a Floyd Wickman Team trainer.

Connect with Mary:  [email protected] | (612) 889-7400 | LinkedIn Facebook


Anna Johnson joined The Floyd Wickman Team in July, 2017 as a graduate of Loyola University Chicago's Quinlan School of Business. With a B.B.A. in Marketing, she brings a strong Marketing and Analytical background from both her coursework and multiple internships during her undergraduate career.  

She has expanded The Floyd Wickman Team's online presence and is the creative voice behind our social media, email marketing, newsletters, and website.

Currently residing in Bozeman, MT,  Anna enjoys being outdoors, staying active, traveling, and writing.

Connect with Anna: [email protected] | (612) 597-2136 | LinkedIn | Facebook 


Why are you in Real Estate? What do you believe? I believe Real Estate is about Real People and Real Lives. I believe Real Estate is a noble profession. Realtors and Brokers help families & individuals reach their personal goals. Getting a house or selling a house changes lives, everyday. This impacts our communities and our world, for the better. It is valuable work. It is gratifying work. It can even be lucrative work. Do you agree? So why do so many Agents start with great dreams yet fail, or worse, settle for years of mediocrity? Others seem to work their business well, yet lose themselves along the way. Our business is complex, yet there are proven systems to increase success – not just financially but for whole life balance. This is why I am passionate about training Agents and supporting Real Estate Companies from the inside out.

You’ve got important work to do and we can make it easier! I sold Real Estate for over 20 years; I’ve also held positions in coaching and management. So much of my professional and personal success is built upon the strong foundation I learned as a student in Floyd Wickman classes. I am committed to helping others grow! Let’s strengthen your foundation. Working together, I promise you will: Get Answers to Problems. Work Proven, Results-generating Action Plans. Serve Your Clients Well. Protect Your Time. Make Money. And Live Well!

Connect with Dawn: [email protected] | (414) 526-5218 | LinkedIn | Facebook

PS – If you want to know anything else about me, just ask. Here’s a quick snap shot of me outside of work: I live in Milwaukee, WI with my husband Nick and our dog, Jack. I am grateful for my family and my dear friends. I love to explore life – through travel, conversation, crafts and food.


Brian Sharkey knows how to motivate people to achieve their personal goals.

His passion for helping Realtors achieve success comes from his own life experiences. As a Floyd Wickman Program Graduate, he took 11 listings in just 6 weeks. (The other students called him the general because he had a star for each listing around the collar of his shirt!). Brian is a student of discipline. After graduating from Southern Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Science of Human Performance, he developed a 12 week training program measuring personal success using system accountability and tracking progress.

A member of the Connecticut Army National Guard for 8 years, he was awarded “Soldier Of The Year” at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He is proud to share the story about how he won this honor. After successfully selling Real Estate for 10 years, he became a Floyd Wickman Trainer, helping others to reach their goals and achieving greatness at selling Real Estate. His real strength lies in his ability to communicate the Wickman method of selling with passion, humility, and a true desire to help others become successful.

Connect with Brian: [email protected] | (772) 204-9965 | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

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My passion has always been to help others achieve their maximum desire potential in the wonderful world of real estate. This passion developed after taking a Floyd Wickman Program many years ago.

Over the course of my real estate career, I’ve held many titled including: Salesperson, Associate broker, Sales Manager, Broker/Owner, Maryland CE and Pre-Licensing Instructor, and Board of Director Member - just to name a few.

As a Trainer for The Floyd Wickman Team, there is nothing I love more than watching and guiding my students to sculpt a life of their dreams. Life should be lived with joy and prosperity. I always say, “There’s nothing as enjoyable as teaching people how to sell.” and I mean it.

Connect with Larry: [email protected] | (301) 641-6896 | LinkedIn