Assignment #1 for The Business Breakthrough 2019

Oct 16, 2019

Welcome to your preparation package for the 2019 Business Breakthrough: Creating a 2020 Vision

Each week you will receive one in a series of four assignments. They are not optional for event attendees.


Our Number One Goal with these assignments is that you come to Business Breakthrough fully prepared and that you leave with a fully realized 2020 Vision – a Business Plan that results in you achieving your goals. A successful Business Plan has two basic living parts, one internal and one external. The internal is comprised of Purpose, Vision, Faith and Gratitude. The external is all about SMART Numbers.  The #1 Wickman tool for creating, tracking and executing both parts of a business plan is the Focus Organizer (linked below).


Access a printable PDF of the assignment here >>

Access the Focus Organizer >>

Access Floyd’s Audio “11 Ingredients of Achieving a Long Range Goal” >>

Floyd and Mike are here to help you work through Assignment #1 and the Focus Organizer for the upcoming Business Breakthrough. This is a recording of the live webinar from October 21st. Listen in and work through the materials with us to get planning for 2020!

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