Be Your Own Boss

Jul 30, 2015

By Mike Pallin, Floyd WIckman Team President 


No one tells you what time you have to get up in the morning.

Or what time you have to be at work. 

Or how long you have to stay there. 

Or when you can and cannot take a break. 

Or when you can or cannot go to lunch. 

Or how long you can stay at lunch.

Or when you can go home. 

Or what you have to do when you’re at work. 

Or when you can or cannot take a day off.

Or when you can take vacation. 

Or how many vacations. 

Or how much money you can earn. 

And that’s what we like about real estate. Flexibility and freedom. Income potential. Helping people fulfill one of the most basic human needs, and pursuing The American Dream of home ownership.

In other words, the best part of being in real estate is you get to be your own boss. 

And the worst part? You have to be your own boss. 

Long gone are the days of owners and managers establishing minimum standards of production. 

Or participation at company events.

Or investing in training.

Or dress codes. 

Or, well, just about anything that used to bring order and civility to our profession. 

Yes, the upside is no one tells you what to do. You’re an independent contractor.

What’s the downside? No one tells you what to do until sometimes it’s too late. 

No one shows you how to organize and maintain a business. 

No one shows you how to maintain your balance while juggling business, family, and personal relationships.

No one shows you how to be a salesperson.  

How to put on a persuasive presentation. 

Or how to handle objections, hesitations and stalls. 

Or how to negotiate offers. 

Or how to stay self-motivated.

Or how to stay focused on high priority activities. 

Only Floyd Wickman shows you the how-to’s and then makes you do them until they become habits. Your habits. The habits that you can build a successful career and life on.

As long as you have to be your own boss, why not be the best boss you can be?

There is a simple and easy way to discover how The Floyd Wickman Program makes it all possible. Go to, or call 1-800-910-5351 and we will arrange a get-together with a Floyd Wickman Program Trainer.

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