Five Questions For You...

Jan 08, 2014

Taking a Look Ahead by Mary  Johnson, Master Trainer, Author

Fast-forward to early January 2015.  You’re looking back on the past year with satisfaction and pride.  You really hit on all cylinders!  You accomplished every goal you set for yourself.  You feel secure and excited about your future in real estate, no matter what the market does.

Then you realize that your answers to these five questions guided your path all year long.

So, today…how will you answer them?

Question #1 – What will I do differently?  Is your earnings goal broken down into transactions and activities?  How will you track that this year?  Who is holding you accountable?  What are your plans to expand your business?  If you do exactly what you’ve done before, you can’t really expect the results to be any different, can you?

Question #2 – What is my savings plan?  Salespeople have a tendency to spend just a little more than they earn.  Which is a problem when it comes time to pay taxes, put kids through college or retire.  Start with your first check this year.  Allocate a percentage to save for taxes and a percentage to put in long-term, never-touch-it savings.

Question #3 – How are you investing your time?  Do you have a habit of working continuously, or not enough?  This is the year for you to work on balance.  Work  hard, play hard.  Work when you are working.  Be focused and get it done efficiently.  Then stop and “get a life.”  Build yourself a personal life that nourishes your soul and is filled with uplifting relationships.  Decide that you can have both.

Question #4 – Are you getting better?  We only improve our skill level by doing.  Work on the craft of your profession:  selling.  Take a class (I’d recommend The Floyd Wickman Program!).  Polish your dialogues.  Learn something new.  Prospect in ways that are out of your comfort zone.   Become a stronger, more professional, capable Realtor.

Question #5 – How happy are you?  Most of us spend more time and money working on our exterior than we do on our interior.  Build new habits of thought and action – and don’t delay!  Start with deciding to ACT happier.  Change the way you answer, “How are you?”   Smile more.  Say something positive to strangers everywhere you go.  Express gratitude for everything.

How you answer these five questions today will determine, in large part, how you feel about 2014 a year from now.  I can’t wait to check in with you next January!

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