Have you thought of becoming a Floyd Wickman Trainer?

Nov 27, 2017

I wrote this message with you in mind.


There have been years when I delivered over 200 keynote speeches, and I love speaking, even though it meant leaving home and Linda. Traveling for a living is one of the reasons why ‘Date Night’ became so important in our lives.

When you are hired for a speaking engagement, the client usually flies you in first class, puts you up in a high-end hotel, sends a limo to and from the airport, and you get the “star treatment.” The event itself is always a ball, with signing books, people buying your products, and lots of compliments.


But I learned something most people don’t know about speaking. A one hour speech doesn’t change anybody. Oh, I might inspire a few people for a few hours. I might cheer up some low producers. And once or twice, I believe I have said the words that talked somebody out of quitting the business.

You see, creating true, lasting change takes time. That’s why my favorite kind of day is a day when I get to teach a session of The Floyd Wickman Program. I don’t have to worry about whether or not people will show up, or whether or not the room is set up right.  Most importantly, I know I am making a real difference.


When I teach a Program, I see the light bulbs coming on. I see and hear the confidence building. I see measurable results. It’s fun for everyone. The client is happy. The students are happy. And all of that makes me really happy. It’s a great way to make a living.

And the ultimate reward is getting to hear, “You changed my life,” over and over. Someone once described it as a life program disguised as a real estate program. That may be true, because the biggest kick I get is helping people get control of their business, their time, their income and their production. In other words, to become Master Salespeople. And when, along the way, we also develop character, then the selling skills last forever.

If you’ve ever thought you might like to be a Floyd Wickman Program Trainer - for your company, your area, or all over the USA - I have developed a 6 week train the trainer program that can have you teaching and earning in 42 days. Just call Mike Pallin at 734-637-4030 to get the ball rolling.


My Favorite Kind Of Day by Floyd Wickman

Founder of The Floyd Wickman Program, C.P.A.E., National Speakers Association Hall of Fame

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