It's Not Easy Being Green

Jun 20, 2017

A Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin SMART Week color coding is green for income-producing activities, yellow for non-income-producing activities, and pink for personal. Floyd’s color code system came about to highlight balance. Once you block and color code a SMART Week, and view it from a distance, it’s easy to spot a week that is out of balance.

The ultimate would be to put all our time, money and energy into green activities. The reality is that we sometimes have to do the yellow, or make sure the yellow gets done, and that also takes time, and sometimes money, and certainly energy.

All green and no yellow usually means balls getting dropped and details not being taken care of. All yellow and no green usually means lots of paperwork and preparation, and very little put into the pipeline.

So, the Rule of Thumb is to strike a balance between the two, without forgetting (pink) time for yourself – time to reward, recharge, recommit and reenergize.

Another great benefit of color coding is that it helps to establish priorities and maintain your focus on important tasks. When you are engaged in a GREEN activity and YELLOW comes calling, loudly and insistently, remember Floyd’s famous phrase, “Love to, can’t now.”

But, what if you are engaged in GREEN, and another GREEN comes calling? How do you decide which is more important?

I have posed that question to our coaching students and classes for years, and compiled a list of Top 20 Green Priorities, in order of importance, in case it ever comes up. By the way, feel free to edit, add your own, debate with your team, or create your own parlor game.

GREEN in order of priority 1. Attend a closing (and get a testimonial) 2. Present an offer 3. Write an offer 4. Go on a listing appointment 5. Show houses 6. CITO 7. Meet with a Platinum 8. Hold a Client Appreciation Event 9. Telephone prospect for referrals 10. 1-31 prospect follow up 11. For Sale By Owner prospecting 12. Expired listing prospecting 13. Just listed / sold / pre-open house prospecting 14. Hold open house 15. Attend a networking event 16. Take floor time 17. Obtain a price reduction 18. Follow up offers, appointments and showings 19. Follow up pending sales 20. Connect and interact through social media

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