LinkedIn For Realtors - 10 Quick Tips

Jun 20, 2018

If you’re reading this because you...

  1. Are LOOKING for the resources to update your page

  2. Don’t know where to start with LinkedIn

  3. Aren’t entirely sure you believe in the power LinkedIn has - and what it can do for your business

Then you are in the right place!




1. To start, make sure your position and headline are up to date. These can differ, as you'll see on one of our Master Trainers, Mary Johnson-Pallin's profile her headline is: Independent Real Estate Professional and her current title is: Professional Speaker and Master Trainer. Your headline is how you want to be perceived professionally.


2. Make sure to update your current company. When adding a company, the logo should appear to the left-hand side of the name of the company. If it doesn’t, you company may not have a LinkedIn page. That's ok. You can still add the company name, just no logo or page will be linked to it on your profile. If your company does have a page, the little icon should appear when the company has successfully been linked.


3. Update your URL -- this can be done following these instructions. Instead of your URL being:, personalize it. Using your name is the obvious choice, if it's available. If not, try using other professional usernames you have - like for your email or Facebook URL.


4. Write a compelling summary. Here is the place to really shine and sound like your true self, while highlighting your accomplishments, aspirations and current positions! Remember the importance of KEYWORDS (these make you more searchable). "Real Estate, Agent/Broker/Owner, Seller/Buyer, Sales, Homes, Cincinnati (applicable city/cities)” etc.


5. Add descriptions to your job positions. These should include what the job consisted of. More importantly, these descriptions should be formatted the same for all of your positions. If you use bullets, or start with a brief intro, or use all caps, the same format should be used for all your positions.


6. Please make sure your headshot was taken within the last 5 years… Now before you make any excuses, Yes - your headshot is crucial to branding yourself and if you have one plastered everywhere it would be a pain to update. But reality check: You look different than you did 5, 10, even 15 years ago. Please update it. Some companies even bring photographers into the office to take them! Doesn't get easier or more convenient than that.


7. Add a background photo! A photo of a home you recently sold, a collage of your most recent sales, your company colors & logo, all would be perfect for a background photo. The dimensions are: 1584 (w) x 396 (h) pixels.  More info on changing the default photo and finding one that fits the dimensions can be found - here.


8. Add media. A link to your YouTube channel, photos of recent sales or company award recognitions.


9. Clean up your endorsement section. Ensure the most relevant skills are added and remove any excessive or unnecessary ones.


10. Remember this is a digital networking tool. Remove experiences that are irrelevant or are duplicates. Connect with your colleagues, past and future clients. Add your education background. Share updates - upcoming trainings, accomplishments, and industry-specific content.


Finally, make sure you're following our company page ! We'll be doing a fun giveaway to our LinkedIn followers soon.



Do you have specific questions? Comment them below!


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