My #1 Goal

Feb 07, 2018

A Floyd Wickman blog by Mike Pallin, President of The Floyd Wickman Team, LLC Some of the things Floyd taught us about going on listing appointments:

Look sharp.

We don’t dress up to impress anyone. We dress up as a sign of self-respect, and respect for our clients.

What do you take with you on a listing appointment?

Two things.

The first thing you take with you is - Everything. Meaning, everything you might need. Why? Because if there is something you need, like a HOT BUTTON (or OHT), and you don’t have it with you, what good is it?

And the second thing you take with you is the right attitude. I’m not going over to see if I can get it, I’m going over to see if I even want it. And if I want, I will do them a favor and take it. Repeat this affirmation out loud to yourself, on the way to the appointment.

OK, maybe a third thing, too. And that’s a willingness to take things one step at a time and stay on track. Ring the doorbell. Smile. Pay them a compliment. Take them to the kitchen table. Break the ice. . .

Let’s take this philosophy and approach one step further by asking this – What road do you take on the way to a listing appointment?

The highest road with the longest view. 

What is your #1 goal? Isn’t it this? – To make my client’s #1 goal, my #1 goal. Because caring about what they care about is what caring is all about, and people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.

Go on the appointment to establish a lifetime client relationship.

Go on the appointment to begin creating the kind of real estate experience that is such a pleasant surprise that your clients willingly and happily do repeat business with you; that your clients willingly and happily give you a 5 Star Review and testimonial; that your clients willingly and happily refer their friends and family to you, not as a favor to you, but as a favor to their friends and family.

Go on the appointment to bring in a saleable/marketable listing that sells without you having to service it into saleability.

And we accomplish all of the above by going on the appointment to discover the truth, their truth, and act accordingly.

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