Never Confuse 'Old School' With 'Old-Fashioned'

Apr 10, 2019

One of our clients who just brought the Floyd Wickman Program into her company told me this story . . .


"Before I made the decision to bring Floyd's program in, I thought I should run the idea by a couple of my most influential managers first. The reaction I got surprised me. One of them said, 'Floyd wickman? Isn't he old school?' So I called you to get some help with this before putting the program on our next leadership meeting agenda. What should I say to this guy to get him to support the program and not fight it? Because God knows we have some agents who really need it. What you told me to say made all the difference. Thank you!"


If by 'old school' you mean that we have standards and live up to them; that we do what we say we will do; that we make your #1 goal, our #1 goal; that we are willing to work toward a common good; and that we live by the 'get by giving' philosophy…then, darn right we are old school.


If by 'old school' you mean that we teach agents how to serve their clients and earn referrals; that we teach agents how to generate their own leads and convert them into face-to-face-appointments; that we teach agents how to put on a dynamic listing presentation and handle hesitations; that we teach agents how to sell more houses with fewer showings, and how to negotiate money face-to-face . . . then, darn right we are old school.


If by 'old school' you mean that we teach, demonstrate and practice dialogue selling skills, not sales scripts; that we not only show agents how to sell, but make sure they apply what we teach until it becomes a habit; that we foster teamwork and company loyalty; and that we acknowledge and recommend cutting edge technology to create efficiency . . . then, darn right we are old school.


If by 'old school' you mean that we believe that listings are the name of the game; that we believe a group of people working together as a team will always produce more than just individuals; that wherever we run a program, no matter when it is, or where it is, or who the trainer is, or what the economy is doing, production always goes up; that we get predictable, measurable results and can prove it . . . then, darn right we are old school.


Never confuse 'old school' with 'old-fashioned'. 


Old-fashioned refers to something that has gone out of style. Floyd Wickman's method of training is still the most imitated in the industry. His content is the most liberally copied. And his Core Values are hardly out of fashion. 


Old school refers to something based on timeless principles, and that's a perfect definition of Floyd Wickman training.


I'm so glad she asked because we were able to turn a nay-sayer into a cheerleader, and we ultimately were able to help a lot of people.


The Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin


The Floyd Wickman Team

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