Presenting Offers: Keep Their Decision Simple

hot market selling offers Aug 05, 2021

Floyd Wickman teaches us to keep Sellers' decisions simple when we negotiate offers.  Whether you are presenting one offer or multiple offers, follow three steps that help your Sellers choose the right offer.


Floyd's brand of selling isn't pushing or pulling, it's leading.

In fact, if there was a salesperson's job description, it would probably read something like this: To help our clients make decisions which, if left up to them, they wouldn't make, but which they will thank us for later.


Here are three simple steps, with a suggested dialogue for each, to help your Sellers make the right choices.


#1 Explain Your Job And Trial Close


NAME and NAME Seller, my job tonight is to explain what the Buyer is proposing with this offer, answer any questions you have and if you ask me to, make my recommendation.


Any questions about what my job is?


#2 Explain Their Job And Trial Close


Your job is to consider what the Buyer is proposing and either say yes – and that means we would not have any more showings -- or say no – which means we are still on the market, cleaning the house for showings, etc.


There is a third choice, and that is to make a counteroffer back to the Buyer.  But I need to warn you, a counteroffer is the same as saying no.

Any questions?


#3 Hit Them With The Highlights (Show them the Estimate of Net, Moving or Possession Date & Risk Factors)



June 30th



It looks like if we can say yes to what the Buyer is proposing we'll end up with somewhere around $167,832 cash in your pocket.  (Pause to allow response)

And the Buyer is proposing a closing date of June 30th – which would also be when you'd move.


Finally, the big question mark.  That's the amount of risk.  In other words, what are the odds that if we say “yes” to this Buyer that they will actually move forward to the closing table.  That's why I called and talked to the agent who wrote the offer, and also talked to the lender who said these folks could get a loan.  Based on all the questions I asked, I'm pretty confident that if we can find a way to say “yes” that these Buyers are solid.


(Then, dramatically cross out the ? in red)



So, let's go over the purchase agreement together, fair enough?

In the case of multiple offers, the process is the same, but using an excel spreadsheet allows you to compare all the offers in these same three categories.  Net. Closing and possession date.  And risk factors, in other words, how likely it is to close.


(For a complete list of risk factors, and a free copy of Floyd Wickman Team's Offer Comparison Worksheet, email [email protected])


Make a commitment today to learn this dialogue.  It will help your Sellers navigate the complicated waters of choosing the right offer by simplifying their choices.




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