They Don't Care What You Know...

Aug 08, 2012

Until They Know That You Care... by Sales Expert, Speaker and Coach Floyd Wickman

Time to get out of 'transaction mode' and into RELATIONSHIP building. The truth is -- people want and need to feel that you care about them, their interests, their fears, worries or family before they can ever mentally get to point where they can know you, like you, or trust you enough to do business with you.

The sooner you can get to making sure your customers know that you care, the quicker you can get them to care about what you know.  Customer service is now, and always has been the heart and soul of our business.  Get back to it, keep it top of mind every time you talk to a customer and consider the following five rules from my client checklist and you’ll go a long way towards building (and keeping) life-long relationships.

1.  Deliver more than you promise, but NEVER promise more than you can deliver.  Think of this as a bonus gift to your customers.  How many people do you know that don’t live up to their promises?  How does that make you feel about them?  Go ahead, go the extra minute – or the extra mile.  It will take you far.

2.  Thank them often.  Call them.  “Hello, Mr. Wojekowski?  This is Floyd Wickman.  Hey I was just calling you to say thanks for being such a great client.  Is there anything new that I need to know about?  Any questions you might have?  Anything I can do for you?  No?  Well, okay then, let’s stay in touch and again, thanks so much.”  See?  That wasn’t so hard.  If all you ever do is call people because you want something from them, they start to not want to hear from you.  If you’re calling to say thanks and tell them how much you appreciate them – they’ll love you for life.

3.  Listen to them.  One-third of sales pros forget this.  People are anxious these days.  They have questions – and some have complaints.  They want to know more than they ever did.  They want to feel good about their buying and selling decisions.  They want to know that someone has their back.  Some salespeople get defensive or ignore, but a customer-focused agent will let them vent, hear them out and let them know that as their advocate -- they’re on their side.  Salespeople who listen are the exception rather than the rule in this industry.  Be the exception.

4.  Protect them.  I’ve heard salespeople refer to their clients as jerks, idiots, or worse.  I can tell you as a manager, I would fire someone for that.  Why?  Because whatever their personalities--they are the clients.  Sure, there are some who you wouldn’t ever want to call friends, but as their salesman, you have an obligation to protect them.  If something goes wrong, you fix it.  If details are not in a contract, you make sure it’s corrected.  Protect them, and let them know you did.  It’s honorable, and isn’t that the way you want to conduct your business?

5.  Make their Number ONE goal, your Number ONE goal.  How can you determine their goal?  Ask them – even before you close the deal.  Ask them, What’s your number one goal?  I ask, because I want to ensure that it’s my most important goal as well.”  That will knock your competition out of the park.  While every other salesperson is focused on commission, price and terms, you’re letting them know that you care about what they care about.  After all – that’s what this business is ALL about.

Know that I sure care about you.  I appreciate your taking the time to read us every month and make us a part of your life.  Have a wonderful week and remember that People Don’t Care What You Know Until They Know That You Care.  So tell them, and show them, in all that you do.


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