What Exactly Is R-Squared?

Jul 11, 2012

The Inside Scoop with Mike Pallin With our Summer Forum kicking off this weekend, we’re excitedly awaiting many of our friends, clients, and of course R-Squared members.  It’s a powerful time for us to all connect, convene and create the best possible plans to ensure we all make the absolute most of the second half of the year.

With all the social media buzz and members talking about how they can’t wait to see fellow R-Squared teammates – we’ve gotten a lot of puzzled looks and questions.  So we thought this would be the PERFECT time to let you in on our not-so-secret ‘secret!’  To help us do that we invited company President Mike Pallin to sit down to answer a few questions for us!  (Thanks Mike – you’re the best!)

Q:  For those who don't know what R-Squared is Mike – can you give us a run-down on the BASICS?

A:  Sure thing!  R-Squared is coaching, but ‘Wickmanized’ coaching.  Most people think of coaching as one-on-one, but Floyd’s R Squared is team accountability coaching.

What we’ve found is that if Floyd Wickman Programs has proved anything over the years it’s this truth: A group of people working together as a team toward a common goal will ALWAYS produce more than a group of people working as individuals.

R Squared applies the powerful (and results-producing) ingredients of teamwork that Floyd brought to training. These elements such as teams having a common goal, expecting minimum standards, integrated activity, individual commitment, and a qualified leader are all part of the recipe for success.

We meet via phone conference for one hour in teams of 8, at the same time and day each week, for six months. 

Q:  The results you've gotten have been incredible - especially in light of so many agents facing truly tough markets in recent years.  What do you think is the secret to those successes? 

A:  Honestly, I believe it’s three things…

First, every person reports numbers to their team every week – we measure individual and team progress toward a specific production goal. Always knowing how far you’ve come, and how much further you have to go to achieve a goal, is the essence of motivation. And numbers take the guesswork out of it. We start every call with a report from each team member on conversations, leads, appointments, and production.

The second reason for consistent success is the free exchange of ideas. We take the time on each call to share those ideas, techniques, vendors, apps, dialogues, approaches, mistakes and secrets that could take a lifetime to learn on your own.

And third, and probably the most important, is the confidential problem solving we do on every call. Sometimes a problem, obstacle, or challenge can seem insurmountable – until you ask for and receive objective advice from your team. That, to me, is the highest and best use of the concept of the ‘m.’

If you’re at the end of your rope, someone on your team will tie a knot. If you can’t see the forest for the trees, someone on your team will clear a path. If you’re up against the wall, someone on your team will help you turn around a see a way out.

These three interactive ingredients (SMART Numbers, Parade of Techniques and Ask The Experts) are straight from the Floyd Wickman Program, where we have been practicing them in the team huddles. In R Squared, we recreate the team huddle interaction, we just include the l component.

Q:  You work closely with the members of this group all across North America.   What are some of the biggest "Ah-ha" moments for you that have come from that experience? 

A:  My biggest “Ah-ha” in three years of R Squared is an affirmation of Floyd’s “Get by Giving” principle. Sometimes if we are experiencing tough times, challenges and problems, there is a tendency to keep them to ourselves and ‘suffer in silence.’ In R squared, I witness every week that when you are willing to give to the group what you have, you will always get back what you need.

More often than not, when we are giving advice to someone else on how to solve their problems, the person we really end up talking to directly is ourselves.

Q:  How can becoming a member of an R-Squared group change the course of an agent's career? 

A:  I’ll give you two examples. Juli Facer changed brokers in January a year and a half ago, and had to start over from scratch, meaning she had 0 listings and 0 sales pending. That can be scary. But she set her goal, did the mandatory activities each week, reported her numbers, shared her successes and asked for advice when she was stumped. And what did she do?  A whopping 147 transactions last year, and already has 89 transactions in the first 23 weeks of this year.

Bob Persecepe has had to reinvent himself twice in the past four years. He was a very successful commercial agent until commercial credit vanished overnight. He became a successful residential agent by following Floyd’s FORMULA and trusting his R Squared team. Last year he sold his business to a fellow agent in New York and followed his wife to her new job in North Carolina. Again,  he started over from scratch in a brand new market. So far in the first 23 weeks this year, Bob has 50 listings and sales.

The truth is that no one can change unless they want to, even sometimes when they have to. What R Squared can do is take some of the fear out of making a change. You know you are never alone or more than 6 days away from the best support system in the selling business.

Q:  WOW.  That’s impactful!  How can an agent get involved?  

Check out our website for more information. We’ve included lots of information on that page. You can also email us at: [email protected] or call us at (734) 637-4030. We have wonderful R Squared coaches and teams forming all the time.

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