What We Tell Ourselves...

Dec 13, 2012


Keynote Speaker Floyd Wickman

As most of you know, I'm a big fan of positive affirmations and most of you probably know our "sayings" for getting through tough situations, trying times and rough starts to the day.  “Hot Dog!  Everything’s normal!” has been fall back phrases for hundreds of thousands of my students across North America for everything from a cancelled deal to difficult client.  Why?  Because it helps them to focus on the big picture.  And that, my friends, is a very big key to staying on track.

Listen, I believe in perspective.  Of taking a problem that seems OVERWHELMING in the moment and stopping, breathing and taking another look from the mile-high view.  Is it really such a big thing in the greater scheme of things?  Is the world going to come crashing down and the sky going to fall?  Probably not, right?  So when you’re faced with adversity, hot dog!  That’s normal.  Life’s filled with it.  It’s how you handle it that will determine your success or failure in that moment – and in your career.

If you’ve been following me for long or any of my trainers, you know that one of the things we teach is how to create a positive and winning mindset.  We teach you how to fuel your minds and spirits with as much good energy and powerful words as you can possibly fit in.  That way when you stub your toe getting out of bed or one of the biggest deals of the year falls through, you’ve got those words – those voices inside your head that remind you that “this too shall pass.”

I can tell you my mind is filled with the words of great masters, from sales to psychology to famous coaches and captains of industry. Many times I even draw from the words of close friends or loved ones.  Some profound, some as simple as “I believe in you.”  I use those words to steel my will, my strength and my message when I stand before an audience of 20,000 or speak one-on-one with a coaching partner.  I can tell you that it is a practice that works for not only me, but countless thousands of top professionals across every conceivable industry.  Fill your mind with the right “voices” – start today, your life and career will be enriched because of it.

And for all of you who so kindly shared that it has been my voice inside your head during a tough day or a difficult deal – I thank you.  For letting me into your heart, your head and your life.  It is a blessing I count every day.  Never forget -- we’re here if you need us!  Contact us today!

And I'd love to hear your thoughts on the phrases that get you through the day!  Share them with us at www.facebook.com/floydwickmanteam.


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