10-Point Check List to Achieve Your Main Goal

Mar 15, 2012


With the world pulling us every which way, it’s easy to lose focus and stray from our main goal. Success is practically guaranteed if you commit your career–and your life–to these 10 vital concepts:

    1. Find Your Goal from Your Purpose: Figure out what your purpose in life is as a spouse, parent, or person, then achieve that purpose through productivity goals in your business. Knowing the reason why you do the things you do will give you more motivation and ensure success.
    2. Convert Your Goal to Activity: Know what activities you will need to do to reach your goal. What are the success ratios? If you want 1 listing per week, how many appointments will you have to go on? If you need 3 appointments, how many calls will you have to make? If you are very specific about what you need to do to achieve your goal–and you do it–you will achieve it.
    3. Track Activities and Results Daily: Once you know what you need to do to succeed, keep track. It’s not just what you do, but when. This lets you know if you’re behind in achieving your goal and when it happened.
    4. Watch Out for Detours: 3 common side tracks in business are trying something new before you finished something first; letting adversities stop you (learn from them, let go, and move on); and saying yes to everybody about everything. Stay on track by saying this the next time someone asks you to do something (with a smile on your face): “Love to, can’t now.”
    5. Schedule Vacations in Advance: Nothing motivates you more than knowing you’ll be rewarded with a vacation (not just a couple days off) after all your hard work.
    6. Create Accountability: If given the option to fail, 70% will choose it every time. So be accountable to something–a coach, a group, a team. You will achieve your goals because you won’t want to let them down.
    7. Re-Engineer at Intervals: Write down everything you did for the week and draw a line through things that could have been eliminated. Circle what could have been delegated. Add up those minutes–or hours–and see how much time you wasted on unproductive activities.
    8. Stay Trained: All of the top producers have one thing in common–they never stop learning and re-learning what got them from good to great.
    9. Compartmentalize Your Activities: Once you set aside time each week for your activities–prospecting, family time, flex time to get from one appointment to another–keep out the rest of the world. Don’t let anything take you away from your task. This will allow you to control your time versus something (or someone) else controlling you.
    10. Visualize Your Goal: Take your goal, put it into a picture, and put it all over the house, so you are constantly reminded of what you want and where you’re headed.
    11. Bonus: Make a List to Reduce Stress: Write down everything that you’re worried about. In a few weeks, go back to the list and draw a line through everything that didn’t come true. You’ll be amazed! As Zig Ziglar always said: “Don’t worry, that’s God’s job.”

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