$165 A Month? Are You Kidding? Why Is Your 'Live' Coaching So Cheap?

Dec 13, 2018

We hear that a lot, especially from people who are used to paying $1000 a month or more for other brands of coaching. Especially when they see the results we have been getting for 10 years. Especially when they hear our students rave about the difference it makes for them.


Picture this. It's Friday and at your regular time each week you dial in to a live, interactive conference call with your coach and the other 7 agents on your team. They are your newest best friends. They have become your Board of DirectorsYour team could be made up of agents from Massachusetts, North Carolina, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Saskatchewan, Ohio and Utah


"I never make a major decision in my business without running it by my R Squared team, my Board of Directors, first." Bob P.


The coach has each of you report your activity and production results for the week, and then reflects the progress you have made toward your six month goal


"Knowing every week how far I've come and how much farther I have to go to hit my goal keeps me motivated and on track." Julie R.


Each person on the team then gets a turn to offer an idea, technique or solution that is helping them in their business; or gets to ask advice from the team on how to handle a problem, obstacle or challenge. Everyone gets a turn. Everyone participates


"I was in a coaching program that was really just a hundred people listening to a conference call and never getting a chance to speak. I am so glad to have found R Squared. It is so different, and so much better." Linda C.


Every week for one hour you get fresh ideas from agents in different markets and from different companies across North America. You get solutions to your problems, and you help like-minded agents with your advice. You get a laser beam focus on your goal and your progress. You build trust relationships and friendships that deepen over time. And you get 24-7 one-on-one access to your Floyd Wickman Team coach.


That's R Squared Coaching. Yes, it's only $165 a month for a six month commitment - plus it now includes a ticket to our next annual event. That's the way Floyd wanted it. Affordable for everyone.


"I came to R Squared in 2011 at zero, and doubled my production five years in a row. In 2018 I closed over 200 transactions. If you want to hit your goal, you have to join R Squared." Rick R.


Bottom line. For 10 years in a row, since 2009, no matter what the market is doing, our students have produced an average of 103% of their production goal.


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