18 Techniques Later...

Mar 04, 2014

And the Customer's Happy! (And Yours Will Be Too!) by Hall of Fame Speaker and Real Estate Coach Floyd Wickman

I ran across this video clip today and had to share. I love teaching techniques and dialogues to coaching clients and our Floyd Wickman Program students and so do all of our trainers. It's not just fun, it's life-changing.

When you can help sales professionals truly CONTROL their presentations, time, conversations, and experiences with clients and customers, you give them something really special -- the keys to doing whatever they want to do in this business.  

And I love how those techniques and lessons have evolved through the years to take into consideration the incredible ways we're able to communicate now with so much diversity and reach.

With a little tongue in cheek, I shared one of my experiences with new buyers and how it took everything from the 'Come into the office" close, to the 'reduced to the ridiculous' close to sixteen others to get them the house of their dreams.

It'll make you laugh, but for those of you who've been at this even a little while, it will make you go, "Yep!  Been there.  Done that!"  Because it does take technique to create happy customer experiences. It takes salesmanship. It takes practice.

It takes knowing your business inside and out.  And it takes good INTENT.  For agents who are just in it for the money - there won't ever be enough.  But for those who are in it for the PEOPLE and creating the best possible experience for them?  Yeah, those are the ones who we see a return to the winners' circles in their offices, boards, and organizations year after year.

So, here's to a good chuckle for the day!  And a reminder to keep those techniques, dialogues, and sales skills sharp!  And if you need a refresher - you know where to find us! Click here to watch the video.

Ready to give your team all the tools they need to succeed?  AND have some fun along the way?  Call us today at 800-910-5351!  That's what we do best! 


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