3 Wishes for Health, Wealth, & Happiness This Holiday Season!

Dec 18, 2013

Happy Holidays Everyone! By Floyd Wickman

Oh boy.  Each year, about this time, I find myself getting a little more sentimental about all the many gifts and blessings Linda and I have received throughout our lives.  We've seen our fair share of ups, downs, and even a few sideways turns along the way.  They've taught us, shaped us, blessed us and made us who we are today -- and for that I will always be grateful. One of the biggest lessons I've ever learned came from Linda one holiday season.  She taught me that one of the greatest gifts you can EVER give to the people you love and who love you back is to be HAPPY.

There will also be celebrations and victories and reasons to laugh.  Having been through it all, I understood what she meant.  There will ALWAYS be tough days, lost deals, rough patches in the road.  When we are HAPPY.  Fulfilled.  Looking for the POSITIVE rather than dwelling on the negative we give a gift to other people that is truly remarkable.  Why?

Because 'happy' is contagious.  It can break down walls.  It can build confidence.  It lightens the mood.  It can make someone's day.  Think about your partner, your children, your closest family.  If you aren't worried -- why should they be-right?  Happiness lifts people, sometimes when they need it the most.  The Law of Attraction says what we put out there is what we get back-right?  It's what multiplies in our life.  So isn't JOY and HAPPINESS something, that if multiplied in your life, would bring an abundance of great things into the lives of those around you as well?

So that's my first wish for you this holiday...Be HAPPY.  (And share that gift with those around you!)

My second wish is that you stride confidently into the new year ahead.  Get booked now for the first few weeks of the year.  You'll breathe easier in the next couple of weeks and have momentum as you set the pace for 2014. Put the training and skills you need in place to take your career to the level you always imagined it to be and then some.  And if you're meeting us at the Winter Forum in January to do just that -- I can't WAIT to see you.  I promise, it will be an amazing experience.

And my third wish for you is to take CARE of yourself.  Back in 'the day' -- it wasn't cool to do that.  We worked and worked and worked and found no balance.  No time to take care of ourselves.  I'm here to tell you that a life out of balance doesn't make it very far.  We've got one body to take us all the way through to the end of our days.  The time to take care of it (not just for yourself but for your loved ones) is now.  Don't make it a 'resolution' to get in shape or be in better health in 2014.  Make it a HABIT, that starts today.  This life, my friends, is a precious gift -- treat it as such in the way you 'wear it' every day.  And that doesn't just go for what you put in your body by way of food, drink, and exercise. It's also what you fuel your mind with each day.  There are LOTS of ways to be healthy -- from head to toes!  I wish that for you.

From myself and Linda, and all the members of our team, I'd like to wish you the happiest of holidays to you and yours!

Thank you for 'sticking with me' for so many years!

Love ya!

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