Every Wickman Dialogue On Demand

audio dialogue floyd wickman learning sales techniques Dec 23, 2021

What if you could have access to EVERY Wickman dialogue on demand?

Now you can…..

Introducing THE VAULT.


Now, the convenience and massive selection of audio and video learning over The Floyd Wickman Team’s history is available to you right on your phone!  Spotify and iTunes changed our access to music forever.  We can listen to any song any time on any device.  Put the same type of tool to work for you with THE VAULT.


In addition to classic Floyd Wickman recordings, there are also videos and recorded Zoom meetings and webinars that have been conducted in the last 24 months.  If you want to master dialogue this is for you.


Are you hoping to expand your business in 2022?  How will you do that?  Your best investment is in your own mind….repetitive listening to dialogues will help you say the right thing at the right time.  You’ll use your own words, your own style – but accomplish the end result you are looking for.  If you’ve considered working FSBO’s or Expireds, this is going to provide the “words” you need to land the appointment, and prepare you for what to say when you arrive at the appointment!  How much is that worth?

Don’t miss getting in on the ground floor of this all new subscription service.  More material is added each month.  To find out more, click here.


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