5-90-10: The Proven Way to Prospecting Success

Oct 13, 2011

by Floyd Wickman Very soon we'll be coming into the home stretch of the year, so for everyone with their eye on the calendar and goals yet to reach -- I wanted to share with you one of the most powerful, proven ways to prospect that I've ever found.

I call it the 5-90-10. 

It takes a commitment, focus and a willingness to dig in -- but it works.  Here's what you do:

  • Schedule prospecting time every week with one or more people.
  • Five minutes before you begin, get together in person or on the phone and make sure everyone is ready with their calling lists. If there is any psyching up to do, do it now.
  • At the designated time, do nothing but prospect for 90 minutes. Don’t check your e-mail. Don’t go for coffee. Don’t get distracted by all the dramas and life problems swirling around you. Just prospect. After 90 minutes, get back together with your group.
  • Take the next 10 minutes to report on your progress. If there is none, discuss how to improve and do it better the next time.

This is the method of prospecting we teach our Master Salespeople in the Floyd Wickman Program and it makes a huge difference in their production.  I hope it will do the same for you!

Wishing you tremendous success and laser-beam focus!  Remember what you do now sets the course for the kind of holidays you'll have ahead and a kick start to 2012. This method should help you skyrocket your production, and more importantly, put you in the great practice of solid prospecting which will help you hit the new year with tremendous momentum!

Here's to you!

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