5 Characteristics of Master Salespeople

Apr 02, 2014

"There's Nothing Special About Special People -- It's What They Do Every Day That Makes Them Special" by Hall of Fame Speaker Floyd Wickman

If you've been a student of ours or have been around me for any length of time, you've probably heard me say that a time or two.  This week, I wanted to share a video that I did a while back where I talk about the five things that Master Salespeople do differently to help them rise to the top and stay there.

1.  They have SELLING SKILLS.  You know those top producers who no matter what is thrown at them they KNOW not just WHAT to say, but HOW to say it?  You can drop them into any sales situation, any interaction with people and they've just GOT it?  That's skill.  And I believe it can be taught. Replicated.  Refined.  (We've been helping people do just that for more than 40 years.)

2.  They belong to MENTOR GROUPS.  I'm a huge fan of mentor/protégé relationships.  It's a different kind of coaching. There's a sense of camaraderie.  Of sharing ideas, insights, creativity, problem solving, solutions and -- oh yeah -- REFERRALS.  And it's one of the most powerful things you can do for your business as you will see in this video below.

3.  They have the right ATTITUDE.  Wow.  Attitude really is everything isn't it?  Or as my 'big brother' Zig used to say, "It's your ATTITUDE not your aptitude  that will determine your ALTITUDE!"  He was so right.  Top producers start their days with an "If anyone can, I can" perspective -- and it carries them through tough situations, helps them overcome objections, allows them to smooth over edges and foster great relationships.  So if you're NOT where you want to be in your career, take another tip from Zig and do a "check up from the neck up" and see what kind of attitude you're taking with you into every day.

4.  They build REFERRAL relationships.  The bottom line is we are in a people business.  And while cold calling and finding new business will always be part of the process, building powerful, long term, connected relationships with folks that know you, like you, trust you and are willing to refer 2, 3,-- or 10 deals your way throughout a year?  THAT'S where you'll find the bulk of your business for the REST of your career. Don't miss that message.

5.  They understand and PRACTICE time control.  Not time management. Time control.  They've got it down to a science. They protect and value their time like it's their LIFE.  Because they understand all too well that time IS life.  And to lead healthy, happy, balanced lives while earning very good livings at a career they love they've got to control what happens within each 24 hours.

With a new month upon us and a busy season ahead - tuck these five characteristics in your belt and you'll be amazed at how much smoother your season will be.  And if you need help?  Contact us today at 800-910-5351 to schedule a training course for your organization.  And if you need a refresher?  Don't miss the Summer Forum that's coming up fast!  There's really nothing quite like it!  Click here to learn more! 


Here's the video:   

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