6 Questions You Need to Ask Buyers

Mar 18, 2021

You receive an inquiry from a Buyer. Email. Text. Website. Open House walk-in. Facebook Live. Open House. Sign call. Wherever. Whenever. However. Floyd teaches us to ask these six stock questions.


1. What was it about this house that caught your eye?


2. How long have you been looking for something like that?


The answers to these first two questions usually reveal one of their dominant buying motives.


3. Who is helping you find it?


If the buyer says, "We have an agent," follow up with, "Have you even met with them?" Chances are very good today that they have not.


But if they have met with an agent, follow up with an analogy. "When you see a For Sale sign go up in front of a house, that means those Sellers have met with an agent and signed a contract to be represented by that agent. When you met with this agent, did you sign a contract to be represented?"


If the answer is, "Yes," that is the end of your conversation. All you should say at this point is, "Have your agent call me." Otherwise, continue with the next question.


4. How many homes have you actually seen so far? By that I mean not online or virtually, but actually walked in the door and inspected physically.


5. Why didn't you buy one of those?


By now you should have a pretty good idea of whether or not you can help these people by representing them.


6. Do you own or do you rent?


If they rent, close for a qualifying interview appointment. If they own, find out if their home is already sold or on the market. Chances are it's neither, and you have uncovered a listing prospect.


By developing the habit of always asking these six stock questions you will quickly separate the lookers from the buyers, and the listers from the lookers.


The Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin

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