A Giant Game of Let's Pretend

Apr 09, 2020

Floyd created ten 2-word dialogues to help us get listings and make sales every day, and we call them Money Makers. Money Maker #3 is "Let's pretend…" Whenever you propose a hypothetical situation to a client, start with those two words. As in, "Let's pretend we waited to put your house on the market until just 2 weeks before you have to move, where would you have to price it?"


People love to pretend. It's make-believe. It's play. It's less threatening than a direct question, and allows you to lead your client to a different perspective on things.




Let's pretend you live and practice real estate in Denver. One of your very best friends, who is also a Platinum Book of Business client, is moving to Miami for a new job. She wants you, and only you, to handle the sale of the home you sold her two years ago. But last week you came down with chicken pox and you are under quarantine and contagious. Your client wants you to do the walk-through inspection, the Highest Price Analysis, the listing presentation and an open house. Time is of the essence. What do you do?


Let's pretend you have 3 listings. All of them had showings today and now have multiple offers. One listing is north of town. One is south of town. And the third is out by the lake. They are too far apart to physically drive from one to the other to present the offers, and you have already promised your family pizza night and binge-watching Tiger King on Netflix. Time is of the essence. What do you do?


Let's pretend you get a phone call from someone introducing themselves as Marshall Dillon. A mysterious buyer from Bayonne is being transferred to your remote corner of the world and you suspect the Marshall has a witness in the Witness Protection Program. You are sworn to secrecy. The buyer saw your 3D virtual tour on Zillow and wants to buy your listing, but cannot risk a live walk-through inspection. Time is of the essence. What do you do?


You figured it out, right? We are contagious and under quarantine. We have to present remotely. We are reliant on technology to help us serve our clients and earn a living safely. It's just a giant game of LET'S PRETEND.


When you have no choice, you figure it out. New rules. Unfamiliar playing field and equipment for some. But the game is the same. 


The Floyd Wickman Team Blog by Mike Pallin

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