Jul 30, 2009

The past several weeks I have had the honor of being a keynote speaker at several functions presented by FreddieMac and 5th3rd Bank.  How wonderful to see so many of my Floyd Wickman SMART Program student graduates in the audience.  On the program with me was Amy Crews-Cutt who is the Chief Deputy Economist for Freddie Mac.  She shared many statistics both past and present and some wonderful projections that all Realtors need to hear.  She brought much hope to the hundreds in attendance.  I just had to share a statement she made that I heard as a possible closing  dialogue.   All agents could use with buyers who want to procrastinate making a decision on a particular house of interest thinking prices or rates might go down if they wait a while.   I will paraphrase this for all the agents out there:

"Mr. & Mrs. buyer I know it might be better for you to wait if it is to your advantage to do so.  But let me ask you this.  If an unbiased, 3rd party expert advised you to buy now would you consider taking her advice?  If so, let me share with you the words of Ms. Cutt who is the chief deputy economist with the Federal Home Loan Mortage Corporation.  'mr. buyer if you like the home and you can afford the mortgage I recommend you buy NOW'. 

I would be very comfortable using this quote in a simular situation.  I just might help you move the buyer to say yes.

Get in touch with your local 5th/3rd Bank mortgage department and ask when the event will be in your area.  My part of the program deals with MIND, TIME AND PASSION...THE KEYS TO SUCCESS.



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