A Meeting of the Minds...

Sep 14, 2011

When was the last time you sat down with your team, colleagues, mentor, partner or all of the above for a meeting of the minds?   Not just for an office meeting or a casual gathering but more a true opportunity to share ideas, learn new strategies, role-play new dialogues and really connect?  Why?  It’s how the best get better.  It’s how organizations grow beyond the boundaries they’ve set. It’s how top producers take their business to the next level. It always amazes me how many people try to do it all by themselves and after all my years in this business I’m here to tell you – that self-made-man stuff is overrated.  I believe we were put here on earth to help each other.  To support one another and to give back at the very least as much as we take.

So, that’s what I’m going to do this weekend.  Every quarter I bring my entire team together from all over North America.  We spend some time re-connecting, laughing, and appreciating the kinship we share and the common goals that are so important to us. Then we get down to the business of creating, learning, strategizing, goal-setting, supporting and expanding.  We have a meeting of the minds.  We get to ask questions of one another.  It’s a time to celebrate wins and learn from our obstacles.  It’s extraordinary to see all of these talented people so eager to participate and share that you can literally feel the energy in the room.

What would that kind of experience do for you?  What if once a quarter you got some of the top people in your market and your field together and put everything on the table.  Ideas, insights, innovation and imagination.  What if you all could raise the bar just by coming together and getting better?  It’s intimidating, I know.  A little scary maybe – right?  What if they don’t like your ideas?  What if they steal your ideas?  What if…what if…what if….

What if it works?  Trust me – I’ve seen it work so many times I’ve lost count with my R-Squared groups.  With our Floyd Wickman Program teams.  With a group of speakers and coaches.  Try it.  Start small.  Pick 5  people you like, trust, respect and have a willingness to expand their thoughts and skills and a desire to grow their business.  It’s how the best get better.  Here’s to your success!

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