A Note On Thankfulness

Nov 21, 2017


From Mike Pallin, Floyd Wickman Team


Whenever I do a workshop or class, I am usually the first one in the room, which is something Floyd taught me early on in my apprenticeship with him.

Earlier this year I was giving a workshop in Alabama for a new client and was surprised when I arrived at the room to find a student already there, hard at work writing.

I asked him what he was working on so early, and he said, “I am writing my 10 thank you notes for the day.”

“You do this every day?”

“Yes,” he said, “It’s my primary marketing plan, and it gets my day off to a perfect start with gratitude. Makes everything else that comes along, good and bad, much easier to take.”


I later found out that he is #2 in production in the entire MLS. What a great validation for the power of thankfulness and expressing gratitude!

Thank you notes are one of the most efficient uses of our money, time and effort. They don’t take long to write; they aren’t expensive to send; and people love getting them. And as a side benefit, they make you feel better.

This Thanksgiving time is the perfect time to reach out to the people who make your business possible with their referrals and loyalty. Try it and you’ll like it!

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