Advice from Floyd

Apr 01, 2021

Hey, Floyd! How do I navigate these extreme upside-down market conditions? There are ten to twenty offers on every house. My buyers are frustrated and disappointed, and I have a backlog of people who are holding off putting their house on the market because there's so little to show them.


"Keep putting yourself through the program." Listing shortages are nothing new. Multiple offer markets come and go. Having to manage buyer's expectations is something you will always need to be skillful at. Learn the dialogue and techniques or refresh what’s available to you as a past graduate in Student Resources.


Hey, Floyd! I can't afford to buy leads, there are no expireds and all the fsbo's are selling on their own. How do I generate enough bona-fide leads and appointments?


"Keep putting yourself through the program." Students have more conversations with prospects and clients while they are in The Floyd Wickman Program than when they are not. Build your Book of Business and install a marketing system and you will have all the leads you need.


Hey, Floyd! I am overwhelmed with following up on buyer leads that go nowhere; and wasting time showing homes to lookers; all while trying to follow up on deals in the pipeline. How do I find time for my family and myself?


"Keep putting yourself through the program." Floyd personally never worked more than 5 ½ days a week. Students are required to take a full day off every week; to plan their week in advance; to color code their plan for balance; and are given an infallible system for working high priority activities.


Hey, Floyd! There are some days I just want to quit; some days I just don't feel motivated. How do I get my mojo back?


"Keep putting yourself through the program." Whenever you find yourself going backward – set a goal, make a commitment and get back to the basics. Goals give you energy. Commitment removes the option to fail. And doing the basics always makes you feel successful.


Hey, Floyd! Things are crazy busy, but I am having the best year of my career. I am almost afraid there's a train wreck headed our way. I am sleeping with one eye open. Should I be worried?


"Keep putting yourself through the program." Nothing lasts. Not the good times and not the bad. When you are flush, remember to sock some away for the times when you are not. And when you are busy, remember to prospect, or you eventually won't be.


Thanks, Floyd! Thanks!

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