Another Lesson Leader Lost

Dec 27, 2012

A Tribute to My Friend Howard Brinton by Floyd Wickman

We lost another real estate industry great this week with the passing of Howard Brinton.  He was was a friend, a fellow trainer, a speaker but never a competitor.  As an eternally positive influence on our business world -he always saw other trainers as additional resources for his students -- never a personal threat.  That, my friends is the sign of a true professional.  He was smart, funny, extraordinarily giving and a tremendous family man - and he will be missed greatly.

I love this thought by him, "Get out of judgment and into curiosity."   Great words to remember him by - but also a great lesson to take into the new year.  It is the people who are CURIOUS, who are willing to step outside the lines, willing to go the extra steps and CONSISTENTLY reinvent their skills, mindsets and knowledge-base that will succeed long-term.  Those busy playing the blame-game or worrying about keeping up with the 'Joneses' will forever be in that state.

Just as we've done when we lost my 'big brother' Zig - we will remember these good men for the lessons they taught, the character they displayed, the ACTION they motivated people to take - in their lives and their careers for the better.  I've got to say, I feel honored and grateful to share stages with them - and more than that - to share some of life's stories with them.  Colleagues like Zig and Howard make us all better, stronger and eager to bring our best selves to each and every day.

With 2013 racing up fast - I'd love to hear some of the lessons that have made the most impact on your career and how you can take them and make them work for you in months to come.  Share them with us on our Facebook page - I can't wait to hear your stories!  And if you need help in the new year?  Contact our team - we're always willing to go the extra mile for our clients and coaching members! 

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