Are You Doing What They're Doing?

Apr 04, 2012

Great Ideas From  Master Salespeople by Sales Speaker Floyd Wickman

Wow!  It sure is terrific to see things picking up in our industry seemingly all over North America.  More than that we're starting to see sales agents get EXCITED again by what they're doing.  You know I always say if you're not FIRED UP with ENTHUSIASM you're on your way to being FIRED with ENTHUSIASM!  No worries there - I'm seeing sales professionals passionate about service, eager to learn new skills, happy to help their fellow agents and living and working with purpose.  I can't tell you what that means to me as someone who's lived and breathed and worked in this business so much of my life.

Recently we thought it would be fun (and insightful) to ask a bunch of our Master Sales Society members what they’re doing right now to hit their sales goals.  These are the folks who all exceeded their goals last year and are on track to make even more magic happen this year.  to exceed them again in 2012.

I wanted to share some of their creative and inspired ideas with you...

“We’re calling every one of our old leads which we worked so hard to get in the first place using the Who Do You Know Who technique. We are also contacting expireds from the fall who took a break over the winter and are now ready to list.”—Jim and Amy Galligan, Keller Williams, East Stroudsburg, Pa.

“I’m going over expired and FSBO leads and using Floyd’s 5-90-10 System to prospect them effectively.”—Maria Vaill, RE/MAX True Advantage, Martinez, Ga.

“I’m using the program’s Referral Lead Generator to look for cash buyers for investment properties. If I don’t have what they want in my listings, I’ll find it.”—Steve Santos, Century 21 Beal, College Station, Tx.

“I’m using my Client Follow Up System to contact everyone in my area and I’m updating my website and sign riders with a new picture.”—Laura Baliestiero, Coldwell Banker, Concord, Mass.

“I’m following my S.M.A.R.T. Week to make sure I prospect.”—Dana Garrett, Real Living HER, Marysville, Ohio

Simple strategies, smart tweaks, ACTION-filled task lists - and the willingness to share.  (Which I believe is the mark of a true pro - someone who is strong enough and cares enough to let others into their circles!)

So, now the million dollar question is what are YOU doing that can help you rocket towards your goals this year?  I'd love to hear!

By the way - I'm also loving all of you who have generously taken the time to join us on our team page on Facebook.  It's great to wake up every day and see all of your wonderful faces and hear your success stories and how you cheer each other on.  You inspire me - and I know you inspire others every time you do! So here's a big thank you from me!  Keep coming back!  And if you haven't joined in the conversation yet - be sure to join us every morning for some fun ideas, food for thought and lots of sharing!  Find us at! 

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