Assignment #1 for The Business Breakthrough

Oct 20, 2017

Preparing For The Business Breakthrough – Assignment #1


We call it The Business Breakthrough because our #1 goal is that you actually have an amazing breakthrough – a real Eureka moment – a revelation, insight or idea that revolutionizes your business – a discovery that enables exponential growth – a shift in thinking that eliminates barriers, limitations and obstacles – a surge of energy that creates something new and fantastic.


With four weeks to go until The Business Breakthrough, we are sending you four assignments to help you prepare, one week at a time. Every once in a great while, someone has a breakthrough without preparing. But for the most part, breakthroughs don’t occur without the work being done beforehand.


This first week’s assignment is about finding your reasons for seeking a breakthrough. If you remember back to when you first took the program, step one in creating change is developing awareness. An awareness is something that you know that you know that you know. Once you know your reasons, the answers will come. As Floyd says, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”


Here’s the first assignment. Please give your attention to the following questions. Sit somewhere quiet and undisturbed and take some time to write out your thoughts.


1. Am I happy with my business as is, or do I feel there might be something missing? Something bigger, greater, or more that I could accomplish? What could that something be? What would be the most fun thing I could do in my business?


2. Am I running my business or is my business running me? Do I ever feel out of balance, overwhelmed, or like I’m spinning my wheels? Do I ever feel like I might have to keep working forever? Have I been too busy for too long?


3. Have I had any of the following thoughts this year - Is this all there is? I know I could do better than this. Holy Cow, I’ve had my best year, and I had no idea! And yet I’m exhausted and depressed. What’s up with that? Every day and every deal is filled with drama and I’m sick and tired of it.


4. How well am I handling the stress? How’s my health? Do I have home court advantage? Peace and balance? Something to look forward to? Have I taken a real vacation this year?


5. Am I consistently devoting time to working on my business and not just working in my business? How much time have I set aside so far this year?


Stay tuned for next week’s preparation assignment on gathering your SMART Numbers. For this first week, focus on how you feel and finding your reasons for a business breakthrough.

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