Avoiding The Losers Limp

Jun 23, 2011

Have you ever watched a receiver get his hands on the football only to have it slapped away by a defender? The next time, look carefully and you just might notice the difference between a player who's a winner and one who’s a wannabe.

The wannabe will put on a sad face and limp back to the huddle--The Loser's Limp--while a player with confidence will prance back with head held high. The winner knows he did his best, knows they can’t all be caught, and commits himself to try a little harder next time.

The wannabe looks for an excuse, and often invents one in his mind to gain the sympathy of the crowd, rather than take the blame himself or admit a defeat.

Which are you? A wannabe or a winner?

Let's take a lesson from my grandson, Gino. Gino is a very sharp, handsome 15-year-old who recently demonstrated a wisdom way beyond his years. He's an athlete and plays lacrosse in high school. He's is a winner. You know why? When he misses a shot, a throw or a catch, whether he trips, falls or has any other trivial defeat, he doesn’t blame it on anyone except himself. He puts on a confident face knowing he will just keep doing his best. He knows he will succeed the next chance he gets.

His wisdom came to the surface recently when he announced: “Hey Grandpa, do you want to hear a saying I made up?"

“Lets hear it," I answered.

Here's what he said. "To admit defeat is a victory all its own.” 

No matter what life throws at us, let's take a lesson from Gino Wickman. Snatch victory from defeat and go at it again with your head held high. Don't do the Loser's Limp. Prance back to the huddle and success will be waiting for you.

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