Being SQUARED Has Never Been So COOL

Apr 26, 2012

Checking in with the Winter 2012 R2 Group By Floyd Wickman

You’ve got to love synergy-right?  Collective effort.  The POWER of TEAMS.  I know I sure do – and I couldn’t be prouder of the five groups of eight people that committed to six months of making things happen at an extraordinary level. 

I was just reading over Mike Pallin’s message to these incredible R2 team members which I loved and just had to share…

A quick reminder. Everyone is busy. (Boy isn’t that the truth?)

What are the 5 most important things to do especially when you are busy?

1. Prospect:  Because, "If you don't prospect when you are busy, you won't be."

2. Follow Up:  Consistently and systematically . . . because it's the first thing that falls through the cracks when we get busy.

3. Prioritize:  To make sure you are doing what's important, not just what's in front of you.

4. Stay connected to your Source: Busy means we are on auto-pilot much of the time. Staying connected to your source of inspiration and abundance is what guides us to do and say the things that contribute to our success.

5. Keep track of your numbers:  Because busy doesn't always mean productive.

Here's a show stopper from week 14 --(If you like SMART Numbers - which I do, and about which Floyd says, "It's numbers or it's nothing!”)

For all 5 Teams, total of 39 people, through 14 weeks…(Drumroll please…)

  • 607 listings
  • 607 sales and sold listings
  • 1214 total transactions
  • 54% of goal
  • 1034 left to hit goal
  • 46% to hit goal
  • 46% to go (12 of 26 weeks)

WOW!  And the Top of the Pops Through Week 14…

  •  Most Conversations:  Dale Serbousek with 568
  • Most Referral Leads Generated:  Susan Toothman with 115
  • Most Listing Appointments:  Jim Galligan with 56
  • Most CITOs:  Jamie Bodiford with 43
  • Most Offers Written: Mark Smith with 32
  • Most Price Reductions:  Jim Galligan with 38
  • Most Listings:  Jim Galligan with 75
  • Most Sales:  Mark Smith with 24
  • Most Sold Listings:  Jamie Bodiford with 24
  • Highest % of Goal Already Achieved:  Team A with 60%

WOW!  Thanks so much to Mike Pallin for sharing these incredible wins for some amazing sales professionals who are doing what they said they would do.  Who committed, dug in for the extra mile and I’m sure are joyfully (and with focus!) reaping the rewards of their hard work.  CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL!  I’m so thrilled for you!

I always say there’s nothing special about special people – it’s what they DO that makes them special.  Here’s to those that DO! 

Love to hear these stories…

“Floyd Wickman’s R Squared program is driving my real estate business to sales numbers I couldn’t even have imagined. I’m guided and coached by the top professionals in the industry and they’re right by my side as I break my own sales records month after month.”—Jim Galligan, Keller Williams, Stroudsburg, PA

“This program helped me become the number one agent in my area every year since 2008.”—Jamie Bodiford, Century 21, Weatherford, TX

“R Squared gives you the know-how, direction and motivation you need to be a top producer. If you’re not working with a Floyd Wickman group, you’re not earning what you should be in real estate.”— Dale Serbousek, Bellingham Select Real Estate, Bellingham, WA 

It’s YOUR turn!  I challenge you to take up the commitment as these fine folks have and make this YOUR YEAR to go beyond your expectations.  Reach beyond ‘average’ goals and reach for the extraordinary.

If you’re ready to do that – then there won’t be anything stopping you.  Contact us today to learn more about how to become part of and R-Squared Group. Because – clearly – being SQUARED has never been so COOL!

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