Top Benefits of Belonging to an R Squared Team

business strategy coaching r squared coaching Jun 30, 2022
  1. Accountability

"If it were just up to me, I wouldn't always make the calls. But because I know I have to report my numbers, I always get them done."


  1. Board of Directors

"I never make a decision in my business without running it by my Board of Directors first."

"I promote having a Board of Directors as a unique factor in my listing presentation?"


  1. Support from a team who are motivated only by wanting to help me with ideas, advice, encouragement, love, and caring.

"As long as I am in real estate, I will always be on an R Squared team."


  1. A safe and confidential space. Can talk openly about money and production without jealousy.

"You just can't buy advice like this anywhere."


  1. A fresh start every week.

"I get to turn the page every Friday and start the weekend refreshed and ready to go."


  1. I hit my goal. I get to experience measurable progress every week, which keeps me motivated, on track, and focused.

"I understand my numbers and what I have to do to achieve my goals."


  1. Reminders of techniques and dialogue I know but have forgotten.

"There are so many layers to Floyd's techniques, and they are absolutely timeless."


  1. Experiencing others hit higher goals motivates me because if they can, I believe I can.

"I never thought I could double my production until R Squared."


  1. Having a business team lightens the load at home.

"Finally, I am not always talking real estate with my husband. We have a conversational life together outside of real estate."


  1. Cheaper than therapy.

"I get answers to problems I have, and those I don't have, or used to have. And I get to help my team find answers to theirs."


  1. 5-90-10 partners.

"I have friends who prospect with me!"


  1. Mastermind every week.

"Whenever two or more minds come together in a spirit of harmony for a common purpose, they create a third mind or Mastermind."


  1. Fresh, current, applicable tech tips and marketing ideas.

"No matter what the market is doing, I am able to keep a step ahead of it."


  1. Coach on call 24-7.

"Hands down, these are the best damn coaches in real estate."


Our Company Core Values speak for themselves. Here is what we believe:

To Always . . .
. . . Live by the ‘Get By Giving’ philosophy
. . . Make my client's #1 goal, my #1 goal
. . . Live up to my standards, despite temptations to lower them
. . . Be willing to work toward a common good
. . . Do what I say I will do, sometimes more, just never less


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